“I hope my kids see that I worked very hard and that I didn't give up." -Tamika 

Thank you for helping us give holiday HOPE to families in need.

After overcoming homelessness, Tamika was thankful she did not have to worry about providing Christmas for her kids this year. 

When you start thinking about Christmas, what immediately comes to mind? Putting lights up, decorating the house, buying presents, all the extra holiday celebrations and traditions... activities often centered around food and family? When you find the perfect gift or stocking stuffers, do you picture your loved ones opening them and seeing their delight – even if it’s a fuzzy pair of socks?

For the families we serve at Heartland Hope Mission, the holiday season can be a time of stress rather than joy. No child should have to wake up Christmas morning and not see presents under the tree.

Your support will help over 1,200 children receive new toys, stocking stuffers, food to prepare a holiday meal and Christmas cookies this holiday season. You can provide a stress-free Christmas to families who are struggling to make ends meet.

Your contribution today of $25, $50, $75, or any other amount, will help provide holiday cheer as well as necessities for families in our community. Not only are you helping with their basic needs, but you are providing special memories these families - like Tamika’s - will cherish forever.


Can you help a working poor family, like Tamika, for Christmas?

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