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Children in Omaha Are Going Without Milk


OMAHA, NE,  Heartland Hope Mission– Melissa often struggles to provide milk and other nutritious food for her daughter, Rosie. Like many working poor families in our community, Melissa earns too much to qualify for SNAP (food stamps), but not enough to pay for rent, utilities and purchase food.

 “Rosie loves her milk,” Melissa said, “I hate to see her go without it.”

I am sad when there is no milk, because I like to eat milk with my Fruit Loops.” - Rosie

Milk is important because it provides children with three essential nutrients that are often lacking in the American diet: calcium, vitamin D, and potassium.

As a 7-year-old child, Rosie should not have to worry about whether or not she will have milk for her cereal.         

At Heartland Hope Mission, we believe no child deserves to go without milk. Making a contribution is as simple donating online at Please ensure children like Rosie have milk by donating $25 today.

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